Preliminary Question About Using KM to Open Apps and Load Window Layouts With Moom (Or Other Window Layout Apps) Across Mission Control

I'm not going to pursue this idea for a little while, but I think it seems possible, the program I use, moom can load any window configurations you want but won't open the apps they have to be already open which sucks.

I kind of want to use for mission control (I like it but haven't found any real practical use for it) and have different screens with different apps and layouts, opening and closing window layouts with keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard maestro has to open the apps, then tell moom to turn on the layout, then maybe even tell it which desktop to set it to, all in one shortcut.

Seems complicated, probably AppleScript required, but it seems possible to me all the tools seem to be there in km, just wondering if anyone thinks its doable, thanks.

How did this effort go? I'm a fan of Moom and want to accomplish the same result. I'm agonizing because I love KM but don't have the skills to pull this off. Please let me know :slight_smile:

@William_Larsen does that help in this post?

I never got around to playing with it but I believe much is possible with moom and km, especially appleianer has a youtube video and is very helpful guy.


Works like a C * H * A * R * M !!! So perfect. It's also a nice touch that I don't have to create hot key shortcuts for each Snapshot and can just reference the name I'm using. I'm using a Stream Deck and I can now use the KM integration to reference each workspace easy. I can't tell you guys how much I appreciate the assistance.

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Thank you for mentioning appleianer! He really helped.

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@William_Larsen but that's what the forum is there :wink:

Times a tip, if you adjust the window sizes, they remain after restarting unfortunately.

So that I can spare me to move each window individually back to the original size / position, I have thought of something.


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@William_Larsen please check out this blog post on Moom and AppleScript/Siri Shortcuts: