Press and hold alt (option) key not working

Hi, I'm very new to this and struggling.

I want to hold down the alt key when a hotkey is pressed and release it when another hot key is pressed (i.e. toggle it like you would with caps lock). I wanted to use the same hotkey to activate and deactivate it but I've been told that could cause problems.

I couldn't get this done so I made this more simple macro to press and hold the alt key for four seconds but even this doesn't work. Can someone suggest how I could press the alt key using one hotkey and hold it until another hotkey is pressed?

Sorry, I know this is a bit of a repost but I really need this macro since it's important to my work and I can't figure it out. Any help would be really appreciated.

I wanted to make a macro so that when a hotkey is pressed (alt+shift+P) the alt key is held down and it is only released when the hotkey is pressed again (i.e. toggle it like you would with caps lock). However I can't get the press and hold function for modifiers to work at all. I've tried lots of different combinations to try and get this function to work but it never does. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem and/or create the macro that I described above? I've shown screenshots of the press and hold functions I tried but didn't work below.


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I think what you need is what we call "Long press key". See this macro for an example and guidance on how to construct these:

MACRO: Trigger Option Using Long Press of HotKey [Example]

If you're still having trouble, then feel free to post back here with your detailed questions. When you post/upload you macro, please include both the image and file. See how to post/upload your script/macro.


Ok thanks very much. Sorry for breaking etiquette, I'll be more careful in future.

I've had a look through the example given and played about with some macros and I now see how you could use a long key press to trigger an action but I still don't quite understand how I could use a hotkey to trigger a long key press. Is there something I'm missing?

What is your objective in holding down a key?

You said above:

If your objective is to trigger the same macro, but do different stuff when the key is held down, then that is exactly what the macro I gave you is designed for.

Ah ok I see how it works. Sorry I was confusing myself.

Thanks for the help!

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