Problem Toggling Menu Items in Scrivener

It is sometimes difficult to trigger Scrivener Menu items. Thanks to @peternlewis (1) and @JMichaelTX (2) 's posts I managed to find a way to access all menu items.

My problem is now how to toggle certain menu items.


I want to toggle between Current Editor Only and None

I created 2 separate macros to trigger those menu items The macros look bizarre, but they the only ones that work (unless someone has a better suggestion)

I created an if then else but it only works one way I would like it to work both ways. (=toggle)

thanks in advance for your time and help

TIP: How to Ensure App Menu Items are Available

2- Help, please, interpreting Peter's instructions on app menu items

I don't have Scrivener so I can't test anything. But looking at your last example, wouldn't it work to use the OtherWise Execute The Following Actions portion of the macro to select Current Editor? Or am I missing something?

As is, the macro is saying, if Current Editor is Marked, switch to None using these steps. But there are no actions for how to proceed if Current Editor is Not Marked. I would think that's where to configure the necessary actions for making Current Editor Marked.

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If Current Marked → change to None
Otherwise → do nothing because it's already marked.

I don't see how I can use if then else to toggle, unless I am missing something.

thanks for your suggestion

Nope - you're missing something:

1. If Current is marked, then set None to marked.
2. If Current is not marked (implying None is marked), then set Current to marked.

You've got the first one, but you need to add the second one in the else section as @NaOH has already said.

The second case corresponds to this:
KM 1 2020-11-26_10-26-49

so you have to actually set Current Editor in order to complete the toggle.


@NaOH @tiffle

Many thanks to both of you. I was clearly wrong and I apologize for taking your time.