Prompt for Text only?

Hi. Are there any methods or feature plans that will allow arbitrary text strings to be accepted by the "Prompt with List" tool?

A "Prompt for Text" tool would allow me to better execute on something that currently relies on "LaunchBar 6 Custom Actions".

Thank you.

I'm not sure what exactly you are asking for. Do you mean for the Prompt to return the arbitrary string rather than what it matches in the list?

If so, then MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt by @DanThomas might be a good choice for you. The default is to return the matched string in the list, or it alternate value, or whatever you want when you add a custom button. I have been using it extensively to do just that.

What I desire is a blank text entry. For my application, I can't be required to choose from a list.

"Prompt with List" is very close in terms of efficiency and functionality, but it tries (requires) to match from a "list" before it will accept an entry.

I need to be able to type anything and the tool accepts it.

In that case, you should use:
Prompt for User Input action.

Any reason that won't work for you?

Yes, Prompt for User Input action works, but I was hoping to use a more efficient interface.

Reviewing this as a solution. Thank you.

What do you find inefficient about Prompt for User Input?
It displays a macOS standard dialog, as efficient as any I've seen.

I should have been more specific. I mean visually efficient (like Spotlight, LaunchBar 6, etc).

The custom version is most likely the route I should take.

Apples and oranges.
Spotlight and LB are for finding/matching lists of something -- not taking a users input and passing it on to other statements in a program/script.

You can reduce Prompt for User Input to one field and one button:


enter your arbitrary text and press RETURN.

I use LB to do exactly that.

I take a user's input and pass it on to other statements in a program/script.

OK, then. I guess LB is the tool to use for this.
AFAIK, can't be done in native KM Actions. Even @DanThomas' Spotlight Search Prompt displays a window with a button.

However, I suppose you could use the KM Custom HTML Prompt action, and write your own web page, but it would be a lot of work.

If it is really that important to you, I guess you could use LB with a custom Action that takes your input and then triggers a KM macro, passing the input as a parameter to the Macro. Then use the %TriggerValue% token to read the parameter.