Pushbullet Actions for Keyboard Maestro


Created some custom Pushbullet actions for KM so I can send messages to my phone. Thought others might find this useful. This contains two actions, one to send a message via Pushbullet, and another to send a URL.


Does anyone here use Pushbullet?
Notification iPhone


These are nice to have.

I just tested it with a message in danish. It seems our special characters like æøåÆØÅ does not get delivered correctly.

This is what I send:

And this is what is received:


See the scripting documentation where it says:

AppleScripts can also access the environment variables using the system attribute command, but note that system attribute is not safe for international characters.

Read the variables via AppleScript requests to the Keyboard Maestro as described.


How exactly does one import such custom action?


Hey Leonardo,

Drag & Drop the .zip file onto the Keyboard Maestro Editor in the Dock.



Thank you



These actions are really nice! Any chance for an action to send image to Pushbullet? TIA



Probably not. I’ve actually switched over to Join since I couldn’t endure another subscription for Pushbullet.