Quick Tip: Put Links to Macros in Comments!

Did you know you can add hyperlinks to the text in a Keyboard Maestro "Comment" action? Not only that, you can also create a link to another macro. I'm doing this for some documentation I'm making in a macro set I'm working on.


Clicking on the link takes you to:


Here's the format for the link:


Here's the macros, if you want them.

Comment Hyperlink Examples.kmmacros (5.6 KB)


Was a looking to do just this when I found this thread. Thanks, Dan!

KM Editor allows you to edit an existing link (Right Click, "Edit Link..."), so I added a KFAM favorite action with a dummy link to save from having to jump to Text Edit:

Is this fast/better than using Text Edit? :man_shrugging:

But it's more fun :+1:


Hi Evan,

I want to make sure that I'm understanding your workflow. Dan suggests composing the comment in TextEdit to be able to use TE's ability to create a link. The KBM Editor does not have a tool to create links in comments. You have instead created a KMFAM comment that has a temporary/ dummy/ template link already in it. The KBM Editor allows you to edit links in existing comments, so starting with your template allows you stay inside the KBM Editor and keep going, without a sidetrack into TextEdit.

Have I got that right?

That's pretty cool.

[Update:] Now that I've tried it a few times, editing links both ways, directly in the KBM Comment text and externally in TextEdit, it occurs to me that your sweet trick could be further simplified (a relative terms that depends on your working style and preferences) by putting the template link into a Named Clipboard.

Whether that's an improvement for anyone depends in part on whether they already have the KMFAM macros installed or not. Named Clipboards are a KBM built-in feature, but the UI to access them may not be as pleasant to you as the KFAM UI, especially if your existing list of Named Clipboards is huge.

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Here's what I just cobbled together. It's much easier than these methods, I think.

In the version I use, the macro grabs the UUID and name of the selected macro and then calls a subroutine that turns it into a rich link and adds it to the system clipboard. I made the rich link generator a subroutine because I wanted to be able to use it again in the future if the need ever arose, but since it was easy for me to just dump it all into a single macro, I went ahead and did that, too. Both options are attached below:

Subroutine option

Image of subroutine

Image of macro to call subroutine

Copy rich link to selected macro (includes subroutine).kmmacros (8.7 KB)

All-in-one option

Image of all-in-one macro

Copy rich link to selected macro (all-in-one).kmmacros (6.8 KB)