Recognize The Status of a Menu Item

A menu command in an App toggles between two different states (function on / off). But den name of the menu does not change (a bug in that app)

Is there a workaround, so that I can tell KM: if „on“ then do something. If „off“ then do something else?

Thank you.

Screen shots, please.

Sure, but its just a name in german

"Fenster abdocken"

The only thing that changes is ":heavy_check_mark:". That indicates "on" or "off". But it's not part of the name, mh... does that help you?

This should do it (taken from an answer by @kcwhat)


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Oh, nice! Did not see that, thank you very much :smile:

Hey Frank,

When asking questions about an app please always tell us the name of the app.

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