Related to Sluggish Macros? An Outlook Delay

I've read the thread on suggish macros, but am not sure this is a case of that.

I've been frustrated with Outlook on the Mac. I've been forced to use it rather than Mail due to some kind of incompatibility between Mail and the 365 server. In Mail, I have plug-ins that delay sending out mail for two minutes that have been very useful to me...avoiding making mistakes. It seems like it would be easy to duplicate that in Outlook which has no such delay that I can find, by having KM activate "Send later…" then press tab 3 times, incrementing the time...then press . When I do that myself Outlook springs into action almost all the time. When KM does it, almost all the timethere's long delays with swirly ball and the tabs simply don't register and whole macro is then ineffectual (and way slower than doing it myself, of course). Is it an Outlook problem? KM? Is it something I'm doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated; thank you.

Not likely.

Most likely.

I have highly automated Outlook 365 using KM and AppleScript, and rarely have a problem. I would be best for you to upload your Macro so we can see exactly what you are doing. See How to upload your macro. Instructions for uploading to an existing post are just below the main instruction.

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Thanks. I tried to do's very simple.

I appreciate any help.