Rename the One File in a Folder the Name of Which Contains X


This is probably quite simple to do, but my knowledge in these things is very patchy...

I have a folder with files that all have names of the structure "UID Title", UID is a 12-digit ID that is different/unique for each file in the folder. I need a macro that as one of its steps changes the "Title" part of the file with a certain UID in its name to a string it gets from previous steps. Is it possible to use the "Move or Rename a File" action to do this without knowing the complete name of the file that is supposed to be renamed – only the UID? Or do I have to use the "For Each Path in Folder" action to change "all" the paths that contain the UID – although I already know that it's just one?


But there are several ways to implement this.
We need to start with a clear example from you:

  1. Source File Name
  2. UID of the file you want to change
  3. New Title you want
  4. Example of renamed file


  1. How do you want to identify the folder/file?
    • Select the folder (or files) in the Finder, then trigger the macro
    • Set a specific folder to always use in the Macr
    • Prompt for the folder or file to change
  2. What is the source for the replacement Title?
    • Enter for each file
    • UID Title list in Macro
    • UID Title List in file

If you already have a macro that partially works, then please upload your macro .

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Hi Michael!

Sorry, I thought my info was clear enough and an example wasn't necessary – but given the few reactions you seem to be right :wink:

Below is a minimal example. The UID is copied from the selection when the macro is triggered (e.g. by a hot key trigger) – assume that the variable %newName% is taken care of elsewhere. I want to know whether there is a way to fill the first field in the "Move or Rename File" action without knowing the second part of the file name. I tried just putting the * character behind the UID to signal that (because I vaguely remembered that I had seen something similar to that work in other apps/contexts), but that didn't work.

Oh, sorry. An example for a file name would be "202009031114 [DEF] Organic". All the file names in the folder are similar, some also have a component like "#SmithA" behind the UID.
Is that enough for you to work with?