Replacing URLs With Display Text in Pages

Hey guys, I have a request that I think would greatly benefit my workflow. Is there any way to perhaps leverage keyboard maestro to automatically detect all URLs (e.g., beginning with https://...), activate their respective links, and then replace the display text with "URL" only? So that, when the action is complete, I can click on these "URL" display texts and go to their respective links? Thanks!

OK, I've made it to the step where I have been able to replace all the URLs as desired, using as grouped macro that repeats. However, is there an optimal way to terminate this repeating macro? I'm not very good at "do this until..." type commands. Right now my current method is to just end the macro at 11 repeats, but this seems inelegant. Any suggestions are helpful, thanks

Hey Raghib,

Without testing your macro it's hard to offer advice.

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

If you haven't read this it's worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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