Reproducible Bug in Keyboard Maestro V10


I just downloaded the V10 KM to try it. I have used V9 but not since I moved to a M1 Mac Mini.

The system I am using is:

M1 Mac Mini 16GB
Big Sur 11.6

Fresh download of KM V10 from the upgrade email.

I was trying to automate a Firefox session that uploads a file to a file server through https. I want to keep uploading, deleting and reloading to test the network. However the issue appears way before then :slight_smile:

I have installed KM , I believe correctly, and ensured that it has the right security permissions and is in the Applications folder.

I then do the following actions:

  1. I start up KM V10. I do not have any warning triangles in the bottom of the window.
  2. I create a new Macro
  3. I click on the Firefox window and click on a button the webpage that asks me to select a file to upload.
  4. I can see KM creating the actons as I do this as normal.
  5. The file dialogue window opens.
  6. I want to search for the filename in the window as I can't guarantee that the file to upload from the Downloads folder might not be in the same position.
  7. As I type in the file open window search dialogue window, KM crashes about three characters in.
  8. The little red KM recording window is still left there.
  9. When I restart KM, it knows it has crashed and wants to send a report to Apple.

I cannot share a screenshot as the information is sensitive.

I've done this 3-4 times now and KM crashes each time. I have to kill the process afterwards to remove the recording window.

Any help or suggestions welcomed.



Might there be a disabled font, as discussed below ?

There is a crash involving recording, which happens any time Keyboard Maestro merges two actions together (so as you type the second character, it merges the Type a Keystroke action in to an Insert Text by Typing action).

This is resolved for the next version, 10.0.1, which should be out soon.

Sorry for the hassles.


OK thanks for the update. I look forward to the next release.


Hey Rob,

This is a very inefficient way to search for the file.

Do it directly before you try to save it.

See the If Then Else action and look for the file condition.

This method will be nearly instantaneous.



Will look at your suggestion. We need to keep same files up and down to check the network.

Sadly there is no api interface, so we have to do it the hard way.



Hey Rob,

If you're just synchronizing files then this might work as a test:

Or you might consider using Rsync.

In any case I think you can probably do better then wrestling with Firefox.



No we're not syncronising files. The files are basically random binary data that are of a certain size to check when some of our customers send large (ish) files (approx 500Mb to 1GB). We have a very, very large and complex network and we are finding that in some cases, perhaps 10-20 out of probably 500,000 transfers per day fail, we are getting file transfer errors. This is 10-20 too many.

We suspect local network conditions, our customer base has 10,000's of external users and some are on dodgy networks and broadband. However we have made extensive changes to our network since Jan, for other reasons, but we are not the main tenant, or even in the top 100 tenants, so that may or may not be an issue. My 'problem' is that I have dedicated 1GB fibre to the house, so I have fabulous connectivty and never have any issues, other people are less lucky.

There's an awful lot of network infrastructure between our servers and the customers and so we want to do continuous tests to see if we can find out where the probem lies. We can't just put a packet sniffer on our customers machines for so many reasons :slight_smile:

If I had the time I could well fire up phantom.js and write code to do this :slight_smile:



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I revisited this and realized I wasn't clear here.

You have several options for checking for a file.

So you can instantly check to see if a file/directory exists at a given path rather than fool around with the macOS UI.