Reprogramming a Presenter Clicker

Hi there,

I have the following presenter clicker (Kensington Wireless 2.4 GHz USB Presenter and Red Laser Pointer).

I play a lot of videos in my presentations and need to pause them. By default the stop button blacks out the screen.

And it simulates the "b" button being pressed (Display a blank black slide on

I've found that alt + p will pause the video and I can map that when "b" is pressed in PowerPoint, it triggers alt + p and the remotes pauses the video in PowerPoint. The only problem is that I can't use "b" when typing in PowerPoint.

Can anyone think of a workaround or a better solution?

Hey Joe,

What about having a group for Powerpoint that is normally NOT active?

I have several secondary groups for apps where I use 1-key hotkeys when I'm working at certain tasks but DON'T want these active at other times.

I give the activation hotkey for the group something like Cmd-F1, because that's a good muscle-memory key for my left hand and very fast to flip.

So. You toggle your special-case group ON before giving your presentation, and toggle it OFF afterward.

Here's my 1-key Group for Safari:

I flip it on when I need it and flip it off when I don't.

I really need to implement a timer or an app-context-change trigger to flip it off if I forget. It's very annoying to start typing in Safari and have unexpected things happen – but at least I know why when certain things go haywire. :smile:


Hi Chris,

Like it. Thanks a lot.

That’s added a whole new world of PowerPoint fun!


And you could try to look at the USB Device Key Trigger.

Try to see what happens when you use this and the press the button on the remote.
This could possible trigger the press key alt+P

Hi @Joe_Williams,

Not sure if you have found a solution, with Karabiner-Elements it is possible. See