Request: New Group Creation Pref - "Disabled on this Mac" on all CPUs

Request: New Group Creation Pref - "Disabled on this Mac" on all CPUs

When I add a new CPU and want to create a group that is enabled only on that CPU, I have to go to the other 10 CPUs and check "Disabled on this Mac".

It would be great to have a pref that when creating a new group you could enable "Disabled on this Mac" on all CPUs. Then you could simply uncheck "Disabled on this Mac" on the new machine and its group.

Just a thought...

Done for the next version.

Sort of.

I've added a button to disable a macro group on all Macs (which also then sets the default to disabled for any new Macs added). After that you can enable it on any given Mac.


Wow, most excellent Peter! Thank you.

Darn... I just migrated down from two Macs to one. :sweat_smile:

@peternlewis thanks for all the updates of upcoming new features. We’re getting excited!


I've accidentally set the "(Default to Disabled)" setting on a couple groups that I don't want it on for. Is it possible to undo this setting? I would prefer not to create new groups as the fix, since the current groups are referenced by other macros.

Any update here? Still trying to solve for the above issue.

I've been struggling with this too!

Bumping this issue again. How can I revert a macro group to not default to disabled after clicking on the Disabled on this Mac button?