Resize the Preference Window

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I have been wondering the same thing about the preferences in particular the clipboards tab. I would like to expand them a bit bigger if possible.


Since the preferences window resizes itself as you change preference panes, it is difficult to accomodate resizing by the user as well.

Good to know thanks.

Sorry to bring this up again but since I am now in Keyboard Maestro 8 and it has been awhile any chance that we’ll ever be able to resize the clipboards preference pane? I’d love to see full names of clipboards and not have to scroll through so many variables when I have much more space to resize on my display. Perhaps it could be a fixed size and then let the user resize it if that is easier to accommodate?


There is no particular plans to do this currently.

Okay thanks, we’ll maybe you can sleep on it and at least know it has my vote.

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I vote for a user-expandable Preference window as well. It would be very handy to see ALL my variables without scrolling.


IMO, the real issue is that lists like Variables and Named clipboards are not really preferences, and therefore don't belong in the app Preferences.
What not show them in separate resizable windows, accessed from the "View" or "Window" menu? That should make it much easier to implement.


That makes great sense to me!!