Why Isn't Custom HTML Prompt Resizable?

Is there a technical reason why the Custom HTML Prompt isn't resizable?

Maybe because this would annihilate the 3 hours of design work which you have spent in meticulously arranging all the labels, checkboxes, menus, buttons and margins of your prompt :wink:

Well, yeah, I’d want that to be an option, not the default behavior! :stuck_out_tongue:


Brutally Resized:


I’ve been a GUI developer since forever. I’m completely aware of the potential issues involved in resizable dialogs. And believe me when I tell you I’ve seen lots worse than that! :open_mouth:

Fortunately, web pages should be, by their very nature, more adaptable to resizing. If nothing else, they should at least generate scroll bars.

(File that last comment under “Famous Last Words”. :wink: )

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I'm sure it does complicate things for both the app provider (KM), and the user.
The more control you give the end-user, the more likely he/she can screw things but.
But, you also give the user ways to do things that work better for them.

So, I'm all for more user options. I'd also love to see a resizable HTML prompt.


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Two additional features that would be much appreciated for the Custom HTML prompt would be the ability to open the prompt window without a title bar, as well as the ability to set the prompt window’s opacity.

Noted. Probably not for 8.0.

Resizable was added ages ok. Transparent & no title bar options should be available for the next major version.


No title bar? How will someone drag the window? If you capture mouse events on the HTML page itself, won't that affect the HTML page's ability to use the mouse?

(I'm sure you've thought of all this, I'm just curious.)

You wont.

Great to hear that there is for transparency and no title bar options in future verson for producing thing like tooltip kind of window where putting title bar look weird.

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I'm thinking I could write some JavaScript that could listen to the mouse events and do the dragging. I could probably make it pretty-much plug-and-play. We'll see.

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Dan, Did you ever look into this? I would be interested in a movable custom html prompt window without a titlebar.

No, I didn't. Sorry.