Restrict playground of a hotkey

Background: Used to Sketchup environment I want to adapt Indesign handling.
Looking for use in Indesign of »Space« to trigger »V« BUT NOT in text editor mode, of course.

[ I was hesitating to create a »Topic« just for a simple question. Is that the way to do it? ]

Welcome to the forum Nirodha

Yes creating a topic is great !
But we are missing some info to give a proper answer. many people in this forum have no use for sketchup or indesign but can nonetheless help you if you provide a complete description of your problem (possibly with screenshots).

the idea of the macro is to make a test to know if you are in editor mode...or not. So you have to determine what can you test to know if you are in editor mode. it can be a menu / a check in a menu / a window title / or as a last resort a graphical element (look for "found image" action").

To reinforce what @Joseki said, have a look here to get guidance on how to phrase your question:

You want to create an application-spcific macro group for a macro like this. Doing so ensures this only works in InDesign. Instructions for that are here:

Once that's done, you'll want a macro that looks something like this, built around using the If Then Else action:


The key is to find something that can tell Keyboard Maestro when you are or are not in text-edit mode. In my example, using an old version of InDesign, I know it is not in text-edit mode if Edit > Paste Without Formatting is grayed out.

Hello Tadeusz and “Joseki“,

Thanks for the attempt to put me on a viable track!

I was about to formulate my request in a more community-friendly and hopefully effective way, when the member NaOH posted already a valuable way to success.

Happy to thank him with for his willingness and excellence.

This app is a gold mine for “freaks”.


Thank you "caustic soda" ;–)
You seized exactly my problem although its definition was not very precise.
A brilliant idea to look in the menu for a grayed out feature to make the separation between "text-edit mode" and other.