Run a batch processor

I am having trouble working up what should be a simple macro for a digital audio workstation named Amadeus Pro. Amadeus allows for creation of drag-and-drop batch processors, which amalgamate sequences of functions. That is very helpful, but I want to go one better.

Presently I have to locate a file I want to process as well as the standard batch processor I use, and then drag the former onto the latter. I'd like to simplify the process even more by having only to select a file to process, and then activating a Hot Key to launch and run the batch processor.

My attempts to do this so far have gotten absolutely nowhere, and yet it seems like it should be simple. I cannot, alas, simulate the batch processor by running related functions directly because the batch processor has some specialized functions built into it.

Bumping this. I hope that's not taboo here.

I think you didn't get any responses initially because I'm afraid your post doesn't provide much information for anyone who isn't familiar with Amadeus Pro to go on, and I'm guessing that applies to most of us here. For best results, I recommend reading this post and following its advice:

That said, one thing I can ask: is this batch processor an application in its own right? If it is, that could make this task fairly easy.

In addition to what @gglick said, please list the specific manual workflow steps that you want to automate. Be sure to clearly identify which application is being used in each step. A link to the app would be great.

Finally, if you have already written a macro, please upload your macro (file and image), even if it does not work.