Running a macro from BTT will only run it once



I have an issue on my macs running Mojave.

  1. I have BetterTouchTool setup to trigger a KM macro to show a palette with a swipe gesture. This will run the macro, but only once.
  2. If I set-up the KM macro to show a palette with keyboard shortcut, it will also run it only once.

Restarting KM fixes this, but his makes it very hard to use KM...

Any ideas?


Hi @janov I use macOS Mojave and BTT (current) and can start a macro group (here Finder) with a shortcut and or via a KM AppleScript which I have integrated into BTT.

Could you please post a screenshot of your macro settings?


I actually copied your way of working from your youtube videos :slight_smile: (vielen Dank noch dafür!)

It (almost) always works the first time. Either with a swipe gesture from BTT or the keyboard shortcut.
That's it however, the second time never works.


Hi @janov, I am glad to hear that you work with my workflow :+1:

I have rebuilt this and added the shortcut to the BTT macro.
It doesn't cause me any problems and the Finder palette can be called several times with the shortcut or the touch gesture.

Could you please send me another shortcut of your #finder macro group so I can have a look at the settings there?
You can also send me a direct message via the forum. There we could also talk in German (your thank you :+1:).


Another shortcut? I hope you meant anther entry in the finder group?

here it is:

And here is the finder group setting itself:

I've also tried the assistance -> something expected does not happen; that just says the macro group is inactive.
This is normal, as it is only active when finder has focus.

(actually my German is fluent, but I live in the Netherlands :slight_smile: So English is probably best haha)


In your BetterTouchTool Macro @janov it is set that the #finder macro group palette only appears for one action. This means that it will be hidden after clicking on an action macro. You don't have to set a shortcut in this macro.

With your #finder macro group you would have to set it the same way (image). Please also set your shortcut here.


That fixed it! I had it set at the wrong level!
Brilliant!!! this will help enormously :slight_smile:

Und wieder: Vielen Dank!


1 small extra question: would you then link your BTT gesture also to the UUID for the group?


Hi @janov, do I understand you correctly that you want to perform a BTT action with Keyboard Maestro without assigning a shortcut?

BTT AppleScript for KM.kmmacros (1,6 KB)

tell application "BetterTouchTool"
	execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
end tell


No, the other way around: I'd like to perform a BTT gesture and start a palette in KM from that.


Now I'm a little confused @janov :thinking:

In the YouTube video, calling a macro group palette is explained using an AppleScript.
So just like shown in this post:

Are we talking about the same YouTube video?


I think we are, but I will try to figure out what I'm doing wrong this weekend. Somehow the keyboard shortcuts in KM work, but when I try to do it via BTT it just doesn't (or only once).
Will get back to you asap!

And: again: Danke!