Save quick macro

Is it possible to save a quick macro, after having recorded it using F1?


You can create a new macro, start recording, and then play back the quick macro, and that may be able to record the simulated actions.

But there is no way to just say “create a macro from the quick recorded macro”.

Its on the todo list, but I wouldn’t hold your breath for it. The cost / benefit is difficult to justify as it would not be an easy thing for me to implement and is only occasionally useful.

I have had pretty good success doing this.

It is interesting to hear what things are difficult to implement. It seems like that could be something pulled from ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/Quick Macros.plist and converted over to a keyboard macro without too much difficulty since from my understanding Keyboard Maestro only records keystrokes from everything I could find and from my experience
"A good rule of thumb would be not to touch the mouse, just use the keyboard."

@layo & @skillet - Here you go:

Dang, are you from this planet!? Thanks that is a feature that I have wanted for since the switch to Keyboard Maestro. You’re taking everything off of Peter’s bucket list LOL!

LOL. It’s mostly due to the fact that Peter used standard formats to store everything (plist files), so once you learn how to parse the files, everything else is just imagination.

If Peter had used a closed file format, none of this would be possible.

Thanks, @peternlewis!


We’ll thank you very much to Peter as well! :heart_eyes:

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