Search/Filter Images only in Clipboard History Switcher

Hi KMers,

As per title, is there a way to filter images only in the Clipboard History Switcher? Quite a handy productivity booster.


Not as far as I know.


I've occasionally wished for this feature – as well as the ability to filter by app.

Yes - filter by app will also be handy.

I am considering migrating my clipboard management function to KM.

What are you using now?

Alfred, for the ease of use and clean/simple interface.

I can filter for only images, but unfortunately it does not have thumbnails; so I will have to click through them to get the one I need.

I use LaunchBar for the same reason.

Unfortunately LB's heuristic search is not flexible and you just have to accept the way it works – so I use Keyboard Maestro in conjunction with LB.

That gives me a pure string search and provides a backup (which has saved me a number of times).

I thought about moving entirely to Keyboard Maestro (long ago), but experimenting with things led me to the solution I use now.

I also use Paste, because of its iOS integration, but I only run the app on the Mac at need.

I can filter for images in LaunchBar, and I can filter for app names as well – but I can't do both at the same time (which is aggravating).

LB doesn't have thumbnails either, but I can use Quick Look to swiftly peruse them.

Nice, Chris! Similar journey here.

I have created a few simple macros on KM and loving the productivity boost. I thought about migrating my Alfred workflow to KM, but it's counter-productive for some use cases.

So now, I am settling with Keyboard Maestro + Alfred + Karabiner-Elements, for most of my workflows.

Neat - I tried Paste a few years ago, great tool, especially when Apple didn't have cross OS/device clipboard sync. Now I just used the default Apple clipboard for the very rare occasion of cross-device paste.

That's a pretty synergistic set of tools.

I also recommend Typinator as another synergistic tool.

I have nearly 50,000 text-replacements including a large spelling set, and I would hate to try to manage them in any of my other tools. Typinator is built for it and does it well.


Thank you for the recommendation, Chris.

I'd certainly check it out. Cheers. Tai


Noted on the wish list.


Hi @peternlewis ,

Bundling another request related to KM clipboard please, for the wish list: add an option to adjust how long to keep the clipboard history.


There is already a hidden Preferences that lets you control how many items are held in the clipboard history.

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Done for the next version.


That's awesome! Thank you, @peternlewis

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