Search KM macros for "tab" key

I was trying to debug an issue where a tab character got used as a macro trigger. I knew that "tab" was being used but not in which macro -- the "tab" key in the KM search window doesn't write that character. How does one write a tab in the KM search window?

Also, is there a way to prevent "tab" from ever being used as a literal character / trigger? The reason that "tab" character got used in the first place is that I was using the keyboard to set up a macro and "tabbing" through the form and when it got to "this hot key", I set it to whatever and then hit tab to continue, that then set the tab character, I didn't realize it and suffered the consequences. I would like "tab/" only to be used for navigation within the KM interface.

You can search for Tab in Keyboard Maestro using the unicode symbol U+21E5: ⇥

As for preventing Tab from being used in a hot key prompt, unfortunately I can't think of anything that would work short of disabling the Tab key within the Editor window entirely.

I use these macros when I need to type a special character. The one for 'tab' works in the KM Editor for searching.

I got this off the forum but could not find it to give proper credit.

Menu Glyphs Macros.kmmacros (33.1 KB)

@Steve_E check Menu Glyphs Poster JMichaelTX passed away


Thank you for the glyphs and macros.

Regarding issues with setting tab by mistake, I wonder if a better intake process would help. Have folks experimented with the new KM major version which I understood has a command line interface for creating or editing macros? Is that a potential solution?