Search Links on a Webpage by Keyword in User Prompt

I'm a podcaster and I have over 400 episodes which I regularly link to when someone mentions they have struggle on a given topic.

I have a page which outputs a full list of all the episodes: What I usually end up doing is just searching this page for certain keywords and creating a link.

What I'd like to be able to do is press a hotkey to bring up a prompt with a text input which accepts keywords that filter the results. I'd then select the desired result to insert a link to the selected episode.

Depending on the application I'm in, I'd like to insert the episode as either an HTML link, Markdown link, or just a direct URL. Outputting a differently formatted link depending on the application is something I am able figure out on my own.

Where I need help is with this:

  • How do I generate prompt with a text input that filters results from my website?
  • How would I search list of episodes from my website?

I'm not a programmer. Is what I'm wanting possible with Keyboard Maestro? Or will I need to maintain and update a local database of episodes?

I made a video to explain further:

First, let me express my upmost appreciation for providing an excellent statement (video) of your requirements. Well done, sir. :+1:

This can definitely be done in KM. It is not hard, but will take a bit of work.

So first, I'll share my ideas of how you might do this. Then we can see how it might be implemented.

Workflow Idea

  1. Use JavaScript in Browser to extract all links (URL and text) from your web site.
  2. Use this data in this great macro system MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt by @DanThomas.
    • That macro will allow you to type and incrementally search for the text of your links.
    • Having found one just press RETURN to use it
    • Or have buttons (with shortcuts) to specifiy the type of output (rich text link, MD text, or use URL text)
  3. Setup a KM Switch or Case action based on front app name (or some other criteria) to determine the link type to paste.

How does that sound?

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This looks great! Thanks for letting me know about it.

As a non-programmer, how would you advise I approach this? Should I hire someone?

Unless it turns out to be a lot more complex than I think, you should be able to get the help you need here, for free.

EDIT: I see you have already posted the URL of your podcast list. I'll take a look at it, but it might take me a day or so before I have time.