Searching a Specific Directory, With a Keyword, Display Results

Hi i've downloaded numerous macros connected to trying to do this, but they're so complicated, is there a simple way to create a macro that searches a set location for an input keyword and display the results?

Do a directory search using Finder or using KM?

See the Keyboard Maestro macro Textcavator 2021, which performs full-text searches on your system producing a report that links to any hits to open them in the default application and take you straight to the search term.

Does your keyword need to be in the file name, or in the contents of the file?
In either case, this is very easy to do in the Finder.
In a Finder window that is opened to the target folder, press ⌘⌥F to start a Finder Spotlight search. Then enter:

  • YourKeyWord
  • name:YourKeyWord

Finally, see:

MACRO: @Files Open List of Files in Folder Matching Criteria

Wow thank you everyone,

Been so busy with work only had a chance to check back now. I'll go thru these options.. Very kind.. Keyboard Maestro is just bloody amazing.