Select Link in Safari?

How would I select the first active 'renew" link on my Craig's List account page?

There are a number of methods that might achieve this.
Please do a forum search on "click link", and you will find a number of topics that should be of help.

Of course, maybe the first one to try is Click Link action (KM Wiki).

I've tried that. KM does not see the "renew" link. The Wiki info says it may not. Looking at the page's code I see this is a form. I'm not sure how I set up KM to select and click the link.

Have you tried Submit Form action (KM Wiki) (there are separate Actions for Chrome and Safari).

I have tried that, but I cannot get it to work. Safari sees all the forms on the Craig's List page as numbered. I want KM to select the next "renew" link.

Can anyone help please? There must be a way to determine which form I need to select in the KM/Submit Safari Form/Safari dropdown list, or some text I can enter between the [ and ] to select the next “renew” link on the CraigsList page.

You might try this in a "JavaScript in Safari" Action:

document.getElementsByClassName("manage renew")[0].submit()

This should submit the FIRST "renew" form, indicated by the [0] array element. If that is not it, you can try others by using [1] etc.

I'm just guessing. I would need the actual URL of the web page of interest to test and evaluate.


@JMichaelTX, Works like a charm! Thanks very much for helping to figure this out.

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