Selecting a drop-down menu on a floating menu/button in Finale 27

Hi everyone,

I've got a question about selecting a drop-down menu on a larger floating menu/button in Finale 27.

As you'll see, a menu called Frame Attributes appears in Finale, and I'd like to find a way to make KM select the various buttons Left, Bottom (Footer) and Page Margin. I know that I could do some form of mouse click on the location, however that feels like it might be hard to monitor, esp. if I move the floating window around.

Would anyone have any suggestions about this? Within my long macro, this is the last piece of the puzzle that I need to solve!

Thanks and cheers,
Andrew Harrison

Did you try the Scan pull down menu in the Press a Button action? If you do the scan, you might see names of buttons that correspond to the arrow buttons that you want. I don't have your app so I can't test for you. I have no idea if it will work, but it's worth a try, as it's a very reliable method.

On another tack, this looks like an easy task for using OCR on the whole screen to validate that the words "Frame Attributes" appear on the screen, and if so, using the Find Image action to locate the Cancel/OK buttons and then clicking upwards and leftwards of those buttons a certain distance. Sounds easy. Do you need help with that approach?

Hi Airy,

Thanks for the reply! I've been trying the Scanning suggestion, and I must admit that I cant make it work.

The OCR suggestion also sounds. Would you mind providing a little help with that?

Thanks a lot!
Andrew H

I helped someone else with this very question (well, very closely related) a few months ago:

Maybe that macro will help you out? The buttons aren't visible to KM, so I wont up using keyboard commands. The user wanted to pre-input his values, so the macro may not work as you want—but the basics of how to get those panels to show are there.


I'm not sure if you want the KM macro to auto-detect the window, or if you are going to trigger the macro manually, perhaps using a hotkey. So let me assume you are going to use a hotkey. If so, create your macro with your chosen hotkey, and then place this in the body of the macro:


The first action will use "Apple Text Recognition" (make sure you don't forget to set that yourself!) to read the whole screen. (I suppose you could omit this step, but I consider it a safety mechanism.) The second action will validate that the screen contains the string "Frame Attributes" and then find the OK button using a Find Image action (notice how I include part of the Cancel button in the image, this is also a safety mechanism.) The last action clicks the mouse at a coordinate above and to the left of the Okay button. You will have to find the correct values to replace "777' and "333" which were just wild guesses on my part. You might find it helpful to turn on the KM Editor's Mouse Inspector window to find the correct numbers.

P.S. I didn't test this code because I don't have your app or your screen resolution, but I write this kind of code so often that it's probably good. You will still have to modify the final two actions to suit your situation.

Hi Airy,

Thanks for all of that detail! I think you are operating a far superior level than I am, however I'm going to attempt to give this a go, and will get back to you if I have any more questions (which I undoubtedly will).

Appreciate you taking the time to write that all out.

Andrew Harrison

You are welcome. I enjoy helping people. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Sometimes half the work is finding out what people want.