Selecting Options from a Drop Down Menu Based on Location


Thank You for taking the time to read this. Looking for help to make a macro to automatically go to a drop down menu and select the option at a push of a key. Hopefully, without the use of using the “move and triple click macro” (since single and double click don’t seem to work to make the drop menu stay active as it disappears in single and double click) and going through the arrows up, down, left, or right to select the option of the state. Something that is capable of selecting the option on a website where you select your location by state in a drop down menu. For example, if you typed “CA” or “California”, it would select California from the drop down menu. Hopefully, it is possible with two or three keys. Was not sure if posting a website URL/Link was allowed so didn’t provide one.

Normally for popup menus, the only way to control them is via a click and type-ahead.

For a web site, there may be different solutions available. Post the URL assuming it is a public site and perhaps someone can figure out how to control it. Controlling web sites is best done using Safari or Chrome, since they are scriptable, so stating which one you are using will also help.

Thank You for your reply peternlewis. When you mean click and type-ahead, is that the equivalent of Move or Click Mouse?

Chrome web browser to make a macro to use for website: to make it easier to select location in a drop down menu.

Here is an example macro showing what @peternlewis means.

It right-clicks with the mouse.
Types "Copy" to select this in the drop-down menu.
Press "Return" to choose this menu.

You can try it in Safari. Just remember to hover over a word.

In your case you need to click the drop-down and then use the insert text by typing to get to the proper selection.

*Keyboard Maestro 8.0.2 “Rightclick and choose copy” Macroº

Rightclick and choose copy.kmmacros (4.0 KB)

That's actually easy to do directly:

Set Front Browser Field to Text.kmactions (438 B)

Thanks for the reply and clearing up right click and copy. Does it activate with F1? Pressed F1 and nothing happened in Safari. However, when pressing click button on mouse over text, it takes you to a new page. Would it be possible to try and use the macro in Chrome?

Thanks for the reply and help. It works after testing it out.

It activates with F1 but you can change that.
If I hover a word in Safari, then it works correctly.
But this macros does not exactly solve your problem. This is just at proof of concept for using the type ahead described by @peternlewis.

For the problem you have now @peternlewis’ approach is the best.