Send a Message to My iPhone or Alarm


I was trying to send a notification by a SMS message or i message.
But I found that it's not working in Big sur if I understood correctly. ( actions:Send Message [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] )

It's how I designed at the first time.

But unfortunately, it's not working.

iMessage, it's failed and you need to click "send by SMS" button.
SMS msg, it gives an error.

I am just trying to send a notification ( or alram ) to myself which iPhone.

Is there anyway to alarm my iPhone or send a message?
FYI, I am using Big Sur.

The best solution is for me...

Alarm in my iPhone and also send a msg with the "testValue"

Additional information and a question,
Let me tell you how it should be working. This is an example. :slight_smile:

Let's say " I want to buy a Macbook in Amazon from a seller".

Step 1 : Keep refreshing ( per 1 min or 5 min ) and checking the price. It can be done by js.

Step 2: if the price is lower than I set. ex) $600.

Step 3: Then send the price to my iPhone with an alram. ( an alram is just an alternative option for when I don't recognize the msg sound ).

Basically, I need a notification "Hey! the MacBook is now $600"
It's only for me not to miss.

It's an example. I don't need a Mac lol

1 more question. is there anyway to run KM macro in background while I am using my Mac?

Thank you,


Any tips about this? :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hey Sasi,

You might take a look at this thread:

Notifications via Pushover Service & Keyboard Maestro


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I wasn't able to tell if your question included (a) how to get price information off a website, or if it was simply about (b) getting a notification when a KM variable that you have changes. If it's the former, then that requires a long discussion. If it's just the latter, that's a very short discussion. And if it is the latter, you may find this recent post to be a quick solution.

You are more than SUPER!!! Thank you all the time :slight_smile:
I have installed it. but it doesn't show on third party plugins. I will figure out. Thank you :slight_smile:

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