Send data to Zapier Webhook


Updated 2019-03-26: allow to pass up to 7 values instead of 3.

I am a heavy Zapier user, and I needed to send data to a Zapier webhook to trigger a workflow.

Thanks to Jamie Shaw's work on the IFTTT Webhook plugin, I could create a similar action for Zapier, here it is.

Zapier WebHook (6.4 KB)

To use it, simply enter the full URL of the Zapier Webhook (in my example the last part is blurred, but you should enter the full URL given by Zapier), then you can pass up to seven values to the webhook.



Thank you very much @kornichon! This plugin is great! But it would be even better if you could add one or two additional values. For example, I tried to use the plugin to create a Detailed Event in Google Calendar. But I need at least 4 values: Summary of the New Event, Location of the New Event, Start Date & Time and End Date & Time. Do you think that can be possible?


Done :smile:

You can pass up to seven values now. Don't forget to quit - relaunch both Keyboard Maestro and the Keyboard Maestro Engine (or force a reload) after installing the new version of the plugin.


Freaking good job! Thank you very much for your reactivity!