Send Midi Packet - any help?

I'm trying to send program change 2 to midi channel 16, so I tried this converter and it spit out:

xCF 2

Unfortunately, when I enter that into the "Send MIDI Packet" action in Keyboard Maestro, the text turns red, indicating an error.

Anyone have any experience with MIDI hex codes?

Not sure but « x » may be there to indicate that the following number is in hex.

Try CF 02 (or CF02 or CF2 or CF 2)

Thanks for that! You may be right, but Midi Monitor isn't showing any activity at all, so I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm just trying to send a Program Change message to a piece of external audio hardware. I've actually managed to get it working using the midi plugin on my Stream Deck, but it would be so much more powerful if I could get KM's midi working. Thanks again for the reply.

I know this is an old thread, but I have recently been playing with MIDI messages myself so the following may be of some help if you (or anyone else) are still looking to do this...

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Great stuff! I had a play around and here's a little preset group I've set up that includes the ability to select the channel number too, which I've saved as a KMFAM favourite.

MIDI Program Change.kmmacros (35.0 KB)

Unfortunately my main need for this would be sending program changes to an external device, but you yet can't specify destination ports in KM as far as I'm aware.

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I'm fairly new to world of MIDI, but loving what you can do with it. I'm not using it for music related stuff, but more as a means of communicating between various other software packages like Keyboard Maestro, Stream Deck and ControllerMate. I can actually display dynamic MIDI values directly on the Stream Deck now which is pretty neat.

A tool that may help you is MidiPipe (link below). It lets you re-route messages to do different things, so may help in your application.

I'm also a Stream Deck guy. Curious to know what you're using midi for with it, and why/how you're getting live midi values to show.

I have Midipipe and use it for a couple of specific things, but I don't really want it running all the time in the background, so at the moment I use the Stream Deck's built-in midi plugin to trigger program changes. It would be slightly neater to have that all happen in KM, but no biggie.

I'm most using the Stream Deck for retro gaming, and in particular, flight sims that have lots of keyboard commands.

In addition to simply mapping hotkey, I discovered that you can dynamically animate the pictures on each key by sending a sequence of MIDI values from something like ControllerMate, which is then received by KM and displays the corresponding frame of animation on the Stream Deck keys.

This shows some of the things that you can do. The numbers on this display all dynamically change, as well as the pictures changing, depending on the stores values.

Way off topic here, but since you asked.

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In case anyone hasn't seen this, I found a solution for sending MIDI to external devices: