Sending a MIDI Control Change


Since V8 allows it, I am using a MIDI controller to trigger macros using the new MIDI controller trigger. This works great. However I'm also trying to send a MIDI controller value change with the corresponding action (see picture below), but it doesn't seem to work properly. The MIDI controller is not set to the new value. I know this because the controller has a LCD display that shows its current value.

When I use Apple Mainstage, the controller value is sent properly to the MIDI controller. I also tested this with the trial version of BOME MIDI Translator Pro and it works properly. So I think my MIDI setup is correct.

Any idea why it wouldn't work? Don't hesitate to tell me if I can give you info to help you.

Keyboard Maestro sends the MIDI packet, but it has to get to the controller, which you usually do using the Audio MIDI Setup. See:

Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to answer my problem.

I am not a MIDI expert, and I tried to configure KB Maestro in Audio MIDI setup, but I'm probably doing something wrong because I can't make it work. I checked with MIDI Monitor, KB Maestro does send the midi packets on the right channel but it doesn't seem to get to the controller. It's also very possible that I don't understand how to send the values properly to my controller.

It's not very important though, so I'm putting this aside for the time being.

I just discovered an app called MidiPipe (from SubtleSoft) that allows to route midi messages from Keyboard Maestro to other Midi devices i.e. TouchOSC.

I programed TouchOSC to act as a HUD to my Behringer X-touch mini and I use both the X.Touch mini and TouchOSC to trigger macros in Keyboard Maestro

Thank you, i will give it a try when I have the time. I had abandoned the idea, and my MIDI controller is collecting dust somewhere, so I will first need to reinstall it.