Set a Time Trigger Shows a Different Time


I just updated to v10.2 and noticed a discrepency I set a time trigger at 7:30 am but the script definition shows 6:30 am

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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Are you on British Summer Time or similar by any chance?

I'm seeing the same on 10.1.1, so it isn't a new bug in the new version.

Yeah... that's a bug as far as I can tell. I didn't notice either.

Just did a quick check with a new macro set to "Beep" at 16:23, displays outside of Edit mode as 13:23, but beeped at the correct (BST) time.

So a display bug in the macro summary rather than a problem with the trigger time.

Yep. Probably should let Batman (@peternlewis) know for future endeavors.

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Should be fixed for the next version.


For info, I'm getting this bug on Pacific Daylight Time. Set trigger for 9:10pm, but displays 8:10pm outside of edit mode. Trigger fires at 9:10pm, as set.