Set Logic Audio Bounce Options Macro

Download: Set Audio Bounce Options.kmmacros (2.7 KB)

Trying to create a macro that performs some basic settings of this dialog window that displays after execution of the attached macro.

So far I've been able to get it to work partially by recording my actions and then tweaking from that point. But the problem with that approach is the pointing and clicking depends on what items are currently selected in the dropdown when the initial dialog pops.

What I need is a more practical approach where I can select each dropdown menu item by name to set its value. Irrelevant of initially set values and mouse positioning. I thought the built in "select or show menu item" would have the answer but it doesn't seem to be designed to work in the way I need it.

What is the best way to select items on this dialog?

Ok, I'm slowly getting how KM works and what I can and cannot do when attempting to create macros.

I can record my point and click actions but instead of moving the cursor to the desired menu value I can emulate typing the value to get me there and then press enter.

Also seems as though things won't work as intended without a pause in between actions in most cases I've found, otherwise the sequence seems to happen so quick as to throw things out of order for lack of a better term.

Download: Set Logic Audio Bounce Resolution (24 Bit).kmmacros (3.9 KB)

Have you tried using the Click at found image action? The click can be applied at an offset from the centre of the found image, so you could, for example, click to the right of "File Type".

Hi and thanks for the tip. Yes actually I did try that via process of discovery by taking a screenshot and dragging it into the image block but for some reason it didn't work. IDK but maybe image resolution may play a part in how effective that route is?

I'll give it another shot though. Thanks for the documentation link. :+1:

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Yes and also experiment with the fuzziness slider in the action.

I have just found by accident that some values in the Bounce dialogue can be set by keyboard. I haven't as yet been able to find out more in Logic's documentation, on the Web or in this forum, so here is what I know so far. I am still using Logic Pro X 10.5.1 so YMMV.

Shift-A: Add to project (same as J)
B: Burn to CD/DVD
Cmd-F: oFfline
C: include audio tail
J: add to proJect (same as shift-A)
M: destination = MP3
M again: destination = M4A
P: destination = PCM
R: Realtime
S: add to ituneS
0: destination MP3 / M4A / Burn to CD/DVD
2: bounce 2nd cycle pass (realtime mode)
Tab: Destination / Start / End
Arrow keys: available within Start and End

Edited to update the list.


Have a look at this macro. There's an AppleScript section that covers bounce options. You should be able to see what's going on and tailor it to your needs. If you get stuck, give me a shout.

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I believe these can be further tweak just a little b/c I see fraction of a second glitches on selecting Resolution and Sample Rate though it doesn't affect the accuracy of the actions. But figured I'd share them anyway.

You can set the values within the macros as fit to your needs and the macro names imply their actions in the bounce dialog.

Also, the cursor coordinates "may" need to be adjusted to your screen resolution and size. I am running Logic on a 27in. screen with the bounce dialog launched in its default position.

I'm certain there are other ways to accomplish this but I'm a newb to it all and this seems to work flawlessly for me right now. I'll be looking into other ways to do this via the suggestions posted here.

Set Audio File Format (AIFF).kmmacros (5.5 KB)
Set Audio File Format (PCM).kmmacros (6.1 KB)
Set Audio Normalization (Off).kmmacros (3.7 KB)
Set Audio Resolution (24 Bit).kmmacros (3.9 KB)
Set Audio Sample Rate (48kHz).kmmacros (3.9 KB)