Set Screenshots Destination

This is another contribution to the Screenshot topic.

A pretty simple one. It lets you do just one thing: quickly change the destination folder for the screenshots.

It does not intercept and move the screenshots from the Desktop to another folder, it changes the system’s screencapture preference with the defaults write location command.

The destination preference will apply to all “system” screenshots (⇧⌘3 etc.) and will be persistent until you change it again.

You can use this macro also as a boilerplate for other defaults write macros.


As you may have noticed I’m currently on the replace-all-user-prompts-with-a-shiny-new-HTML-user-prompt trip :wink:

So, also this little macro has a nice new HTML interface now:

Have fun!



2.0 [6 Apr 2016]

  • New HTML User Prompt
  • Choose Folder dialog used for selecting a new destination
  • Removed Readme

1.1 [15 Mar 2016]

  • Added Readme (Help button)
  • Minor stuff (see Readme)

1.0 [14 Mar 2016]

Macro structure:


Very nice job, Tom.

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Yes, I’m in love with the “new” HTML prompts :smile:

This is a relatively late love because, since I’m not into javascript at all, I was intimidated first. But with the help of this forum everything is doable :yum:

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You should enjoy the next version then, I've added a few more ways to communicate back and forth between the Custom HTML Prompt and Keyboard Maestro which should enable even more fun.


I am learning more about 'everything' from this forum. I don't think there's another like it.


Updated for macOS Sierra

If you are using Sierra (10.12) please redownload the updated macro from the download link in the original post. (It should work with both El Capitan and Sierra.)


  • HTML prompt updated for macOS Sierra.
  • Updated (optional) Swift script to Swift 3.