Share Macro to Forum from Keyboard Maestro

Sorry if anyone had some issues sharing a macro to the forum in the last day or so. There was an issue with one of the SSL certificates that broke the ability to upload macros/macro images directly from Keyboard Maestro. It should be resolved now.

Speaking of which, if you do not already know, you can select a macro and choose from the Share (image ) menu at the top of the editor window, and you can share macros (including an image and/or the macro) directly to the Forum (or to other places like Mail).


I love this feature. Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to share into an already existing topic on the forum or can it only create a new topic?
  2. Is there a way to share the screen shot to any other destinations, or can it only go to the forum? When I share to other apps, it will usually only share the name of the Macro, or the macro file itself, but not a screen shot.

No, it only creates a topic. So create the topic, then copy the resulting text, cancel the topic and then reply in the original topic.

It depends on where it is being shared as to what can be shared. Share to Mail shares both for example.

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