Shortcut Key to Position the Current Window

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I just purchased keyboard maestro and have been enjoying the string replacement features that saved me tons of typing. Thanks for the great software.

I wanted to create a keyboard shortcut that can move the foremost window to certain position. With working from home a few months ago I got a big monitor, I want to create a keyboard shortcut that put the window at the upper-left 1/6 of the window (1/3 of the monitor width and 1/2 of the monitor height), and repeat the same shortcut will cycle through the window to the rest of 1/6 of the whole monitor. That is, first press of the shortcut move the windows to the upper-left 1/6 of the window, press again, move it to the upper-middle 1/6 fo the windows, then upper-right 1/6 of the window etc.

Sorry if my description is clear or not. Currently I am using "Spectacle", it has "next third" feature, which is exactly same as what I want but it is 1/3 of the whole monitor size and I want to have 1/6 of the while monitor size.

Is this possible with keyboard maestro? If yes could you please point me to the right direct or some sample/guide?


You can use the Manipulate a Window action to move and size a window.

You can use the SCREEN() function to get the coordinates and size of the screen(s).

And I'll bet if you do some searching in this forum, you can probably find some examples.

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Lot's of examples here:

Macro Set: [Wndows Management Palette] Macro Group

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