Show menu at mouse location

I recently purchased a ginormous 43" monitor for my MacPro tower. It replaces an aging 30" CD, and I'm still getting used to it. I was trying to see if I could create a macro that would show the menus of the front application at the mouse location. Is this even possible with KM? I tried looking thru the various steps and didn't find anything, so I'm jumping in here.
Thanks all.

does this help at all? I think that will show how to get the mouse position. Then look at the window moving marks that put up the menu off commands to see how it draws is menu?

This need was mentioned before and a small third-party app was recommended:

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+1 for MenuWhere. With very poor eyesight, it lets me show the current app's menus at the mouse position in whatever type size I want. Invaluable for me.

If you're supposed (want) to buy an app for this that can do just that, then I definitely recommend BTT, which can do this and much, much more.

And by the way, BTT offers a free 45 day trial.

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Thanks one and all for your responses. I have BTT on my MacBook Pro, but I never realized it could do this since I don't have the need with a small screen. I have Moom from Many Tricks and it's excellent. I will check that out.