Simple one: how do you abort a macro from being executed once it's set into motion?

I have a few complicated macros that I've programmed that, once sent into motion, take a while to finish. It's awesome. But once in a while I need to abort it. I did search in earnest to find out how to do this (and tried the obvious....pressing esc, command X, etc). Is there a way?

The wiki covers all the major options.

Happy hunting.

Wiki states ("You can cancel all running macros by holding all the modifiers (Control, Option, Shift and optionally Command and clicking on the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu Icon."). Not only does this not seem to work, but I can't actually click on the Keyboard Maestro Status Menu Icon because my mouse is flying all over the place....because of the macro I instantiated.

Any help (beyond "go north") would sincerely be much appreciated.


Try this:

There are plenty of other examples if you search!


Forgive me if I'm not as adept to finding the answers that I'm looking for. I'm trying. Thank you for posting this article. Within it I'm seeing a "Kill All Running Macros". Is that one located within KM? If so I'm not seeing it in the list (see screenshot).

But now, I'm running into something weird......even though I've clicked on "All Macros", it doesn't appear as though all of the macros are actually appearing (??)

If you visit the macro in question:

Cancel / Kill All Running Macros

You'll see it's is written by a user (myself) and is downloadable.


Have a look at the first post in that thread I linked to and you’ll see a link to download the macro which you can then install in your own copy of KM to use as you wish. The download file has an extension of kmmacros. I hope that is of help. :grinning:

Ah, gotcha. Thank you!

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