Single macro running different actions based on which computer it's triggered

Hi there.

When macros are synced between multiple computers, how can I run different actions based on wether the action is running in computer A or computer B?

I want to keep the code in a single macro, but run different actions if it’s on my laptop or my desktop.

If (this is computer A) then run this action
if (this is computer B) then run this other action.

I think this would be useful for others too, hopefully it can be done.



I managed to make it work by using the if condition “This environment variable” and using the environment variable LOGNAME.

I don’t know if this is a good idea but it seems to be working, just in case anyone needs it.



Each of your macs are assigned a %MacUUID%.
You can then use this in an If this action to do somethings when it is Mac A and something else when Mac B.
If you only use 2 computers then it could be like this:

If you have more than 2 Macs, then you need to nest the If then Elses.

Thank you!

Another option is to have two different macro groups and only enable the correct one for the correct machine
(check ‘Disable on this mac’)