[SOLVED] All Hot Key Triggers Stopped Working in Safari After Updating to Ventura

Updated to Ventura last week. Some of my old hot key triggers are not working in Safari.
Oddly, the F6 trigger doesn't work in Safari but F5 does ; the F6 trigger works in other apps like Mail, Numbers, BBEdit, and KM itself
In Safari I can see F6 activating in the Keyboard Viewer but KM is not registering the key as received. It shows F5 coming through and triggers the macro.

Does this look an OS bug? Can you suggest any other troubleshooting ?
Apple M1 Pro ; OS Ventura 13.2 ; KM 10.2

Restarted in Safe Mode … no luck

This has come up a lot recently. It is to do with Ventura and the solution is here.

Read the whole thread, including this:


Got it working but with a twist...

When I went to re-select Safari in Macro Group setting, I came across this:

The second path had been selected by the OS update?

I selected the first path and also "Match by Bundle ID". This has made the triggers functional again.

Thank you @Zabobon @peternlewis and any others who contributes to this solution.

P.S. My search missed the thread you referenced, probably because I didn't scroll back far enough.

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