[SOLVED] Save Actions Group for Later Use?

I have this group:


and I would like to have this available as something I can easily access and drag&drop into a macro I'm working on, like a Library element. It seems that the Library is just for full macros, right?

Select the Group and choose the menu item Edit>Add to Favorites. The whole Group with its enclosed Actions will be saved as a Favorite Action to be used in other Macros.

(N.B. Favorites can be single Actions, Groups enclosing other Actions or even just a few individual Actions one after the other, multiple selected and saved as a Favorite.)


Another alternative is to use one of the incredible macros created by @DanThomas: Favorite Actions and Macros


Thanks! I always thought it was just for single actions. Having a group or even actions in sequence is an amazing tool that will save me a lot of time indeed!

That is so awesome! I definitely have to try that. Seems super helpful and customizable!
Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands: