Specify image at Runtime for various Found Image actions?

@peternlewis - Feature request:

I’d like to be able to specify the image at runtime, for actions like “Click on Found Image”, or “Find Image”, etc.

The reason is, I have various code snippets that I could make into sub-macros, if I could specify which image to look for at runtime. Mostly this is for the types of applications where dialogs aren’t “true” windows, and buttons aren’t “true” buttons.

I’m guessing that being able to specify an image in a variable is a non-starter. ;p I was thinking that perhaps the various “Found Image” actions could have an option to get the image from a file. Then I could just pass the file name for the image, to the sub-macro.

I’ve actually wanted this for a long time, but could never think of a good way to implement it, so I didn’t bother asking for it. (Or if I ever did ask for it, I forgot.) But then I got the idea of being able to get the image from a file, and thought that might actually be doable.


It’s been requested before. It is primarily a UI problem - I can’t see any good way to allow you to specify the image in some other way without a horrendously ugly and complicated UI.

Oh yeah, this technique should help:

OMG. LOL, that is so me. I had totally forgotten about that. -sheepish grin-. Thanks. If I had the time, I’d make a plugin for it. Maybe someday.

Thanks again! (…and again…)


That’s ok, I’d mostly forgotten about it and I wrote it. I only remembered because someone touched that topic and it showed up in my notifications.

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