Specify number of copies of labels

Hello, thanks to the kind help of forum members, I created a macro to print labels. The macro opens a specific label in the label app (PTouch), prints and sends to app to the background.
My only problem is that I often have to print multiple copies of a label, in which case I run the macro multiple times.
I am looking for a way to specify number of copies.
The name of the box in the print dialog box is Copies
thanks very much

If you can use the tab to get to the Copies box, then use the keypress to tab x amount of times to get to the field.
And use a User input Action for you to specify the number of copies.
This variable can then be typed into the copies field and press enter.

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Thank you very much, both for helping me with this macro, and helping to understand KBM commands better

You are welcome.
If you share the finished macro, then other users finding this post can see how it was done.

You can see at the top of this page how to share a macro easily:

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thank you. I will do. I imagine that if I don’t want my name (username in file path), my only option is a snapshot with a very minor edition.
thanks again,

You could make a temporary copy of the macro and make any sensitive information generic.
Then share it and afterwards delete the temporary copy in KM.


I will do. Thank you. I’m lucky to have you around !

Jimmy ! It's me again. There is obviously something that i am doing wrong because the macro is not working.

You said keypress. I assume you meant Type the keystroke or were you referring to another command?

I don't understand what token means, and the various settings of user input, 'insert tokens' etc. I can't find where this command is discussed in the help.

Following images are the macro and the dialog box generated by the macro


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Hey Ronald,

When trying to discover commands in any given app on OSX the first thing to do is use the search-field in the Help menu.

Keep in mind though that searching there does NOT come up with items that are actually IN the Help menu (go figure), so you need to read the items in the Help menu carefully.


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thank you


Hi Ronald

I have not been at my computer for some time so no access to KM.
Later today I will try to write up a reply.

thanks very much. Take your time. I will continue adding comments describing my trials and errors

So basically, my macro before the User input Action gets me as far as Copies in the print menu after the second Tab input.

If I don’t insert a token, I have to enter a number and press OK to print.

The best I could hope for just to be elegant is to have to enter a single digit number, the macro would ‘sense’ the number, and automatically press OK.

What is the added value of the User Input Action and which Token should I use?

thank you.

Hi Ronald

I would try to do it like the image below.
In the User Input I clicked the green plus to ask the user for a variable, which I name Copies. And in the default field I also input this variable. This means that the second time you run it, then it will remember the value from the last time. If that is not desired you can enter a number you normally use.

In the open action I could not choose P-Touch, so you need to change this to match your needs.

Later you can see that I have an Insert text by typing, which types the variable Copies, which you made under user-input.

Hope this can help you make the macro work.

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Likely the place where the Pause will need to be is after the Command-P (which animates creating a window) and before the first Tab (which needs the keyboard focus in the new window in order to operate reliably).

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I made the suggested change. Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion which I implemented. I will make and upload a copy

Hello Peter, the macro works fine.
Strictly in terms of elegance, is there any way that after I type a number of copies (single digit from 1 to 9), the macro would automatically generate a return (click the OK button), so I don't have to click on the OK button?
The Return command as per the red box below is ignored by the macro: I have to press OK or Return myself.
Thank you