Spotify Like Hotkey

Liking songs on Spotify has always been such a pain. It's virtually the only thing in Spotify which does not have a keyboard shortcut. There is no applescript for it. There is no menu item for it. No third-party Spotify addon could do it, and I tried at least a dozen. Any of those things would easily allow scripting or a custom keyboard shortcut.

But no, the only way to like the song is to click the tiny heart icon in the Spotify app. Which is also not easily scriptable, as the heart icon literally changes the position depending on the length of the song name. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So finally I stumbled upon keyboard maestro a couple of days ago and tried it out. And after creating a few macros and slowly understanding what KM's capabilities are, I took upon the challenge. And I finally, finally did it: with the mouse-click based on a found image, I could eventually set a hotkey for liking a song. :relieved:

It isn't even a very complicated macro, but I thought maybe others would like to use it, too.

Spotify Like Hotkey.kmmacros (16 KB)


Hey Chris,

Welcome to the world of Keyboard Maestro!

Warning! You'll never be satisfied with a plain old Mac again.   :sunglasses:



Hey Chris,

Like Chris (ccstone) said, welcome!

Now prepare to fall down the rabbit hole. :grin:

-Also Chris


Thanks for the warm welcome, Chris & Chris.

Having created about two dozen custom workflows in Alfred, I am slowly recognizing how far the rabbit hole goes with Keyboard Maestro. Spent the last two evenings writing a bunch of window management macros. Gained enough window control to uninstall Moom :slight_smile:

Welcome @pseudo_meta
Don't know Spotify interface, but if this is a web-interface, KM can also find a Safari field or button, so there may be no need to use activate/pause and other GUI actions.