Stream Deck - Official Plugin Questions & Potential Enhancement

I know this has come up previously in a way, and I know that the secondary KM-Link plugin is a thing.

I have a use case where the official one works pretty well for the base level of what I'm looking to do, but there are going to be some concessions and unique work arounds to get it to work close to what I'm envisioning.

The KM-Link solves the biggest issue I have leveraging the official plugin, where with the official I can't seem to give the position on the stream deck a custom identifier no matter what I do. Unless I read it wrong the documentation seems to imply that if I call it R2C2-Page2 etc.... That should work but when I try to assign a macro a trigger using any label aside from what is auto assigned it doesn't work.

I can't however set an icon or label like I can with the official so that doesn't work either.

It sounds like for whatever reason the author of that plugin says or doesn't think it's possible to add support for that to his plugin...

Is it possible to add the code for KM-Link to the official one?

Would it be possible to create a KM-Plugin or Action that set's up a button like Open a website or some of the included Stream Deck actions and programmatically configure the options?

If it is technically possible to merge the functionality at a minimum of both plugins into one that does all the things, I'm sure there's a couple of us that would throw some cash towards a bounty to help make that reality faster, as I know we're in a minority of users.

Thank You!

You can make up your own button IDs. Check out @cdthomer's excellent summary here:

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