Stream Deck Plugin for Keyboard Maestro


Ok, it's not exactly a Plug In action for Keyboard Maestro but there is not proper category for this.
A plugin for Streamdeck Keyboard that allow to execute Keyboard Maestro Macro.

Hope this can be usefull for someone (like for me ;-))


Thanks for sharing!:grinning:

Looks like it is not working for me. After I installed it, I can drag it to my stream deck icon, but it looks like it is stuck loading my macros. Left it on for an hour and still stuck.

I restarted my mac pro and still have the same issue.

May be an issue with accessing macros that are stored on Drop Box?

Are sure to download the last version of the plugin ?

It seems to be a bug when parsing the macro list. Can you send me your KM macros dictionnary ?

The file should be there :
~/Library/Preference/Keyboard Maestro/keyboard Maestro Macro.plist

All my apps are up to date and the latest file that you created. I have the exact same issue with my Steam Deck at work.

The location : ~/Library/Preference/Keyboard Maestro/keyboard Maestro Macro.plist
does not exist. I used the "Go To Folder..." menu item with no results. Checked it manually and nothing with Keyboard Maestro is there.

Sorry Brian, i gave you a wrong path.

A simpler way to get the file, in Keyboard Maestro, go to menu « Help » , « Open Preferences Folder ».

This open the right folder where you should find your « Keyboard Maestro Macros.plist » file.

I guess my streamdeck plugin has some difficulty reading and parsing this file.

Ok, I just messaged you with the requested file.

Yes, thank you, it's help.

As i see, some of your macros contains characters like single quote, braces, ect... which breaks the json send to Streamdeck plugin. At this time, i've done the minimal protect that (because i don't need it for myself... ^^ ).

Well, i'm going to check that this week and update the plugin.

I'll tell you here when it's done...

Hello Brian,

a new release is available :

Actually, the issue was not due to some characters but you have an empty macro without name or actions in your Keyboard Maestro Macros dictionnary. New release of the plugin add a protection against that.
I've tested your file with success, the macros list is now loading correctly in StreamDeck.

Ah... the macros without names are used for separators for popup pallets. Quit a few users use this technique.

Works perfect now!

Great work - this will come in handy.

I love your plugin and I prefer it to the Keyboard Maestro plugin for stream deck. Being able to call a specific macro and pass a parameter are killer features.

I did notice one small bug on your plugin. If you type something in Parameter field and close the plugin without clicking on either the Title or Macro field before closing the plugin, it will not save what you typed in the Parameter field.

It is not a big deal and I have learned how to work around it. I just thought you might want to know. Great work on the plug in!

I agree this is an excellent plugin :grinning:

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This plugin has made the Stream Deck worth having for me. It's perfect!

Could anyone explain the execution parameter to me? I have a bunch of region fade actions for Logic Pro with a separate action for each fade length. I'm guessing the execution parameter would enable the same macro button to be duplicated and the parameter set for each one would pass on as a pastable variable in KM, enabling you to have one master macro that gets the fade length from the parameter in Stream Deck. I'm just not sure how to reference the variable in KM.

I have the same question. Hoping someone answers it here. Thanks!

I replied to this question in a different thread. See here;

You might find it helpful.

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Thank you!

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Just coming in to say a big THANK YOU!

Previously I had mapped everything to MIDI, and well it was getting painful remembering what had been used.



Hi @corcules, thanks so much for creating this plugin! If it's not too complex, would you be able to include this plugin also for the dials of the new Stream Deck +? Currently it's not possible to use them for so many things but if possible to assign them KM macro with your plugin it would be amazing! :star_struck:
If not possible, thanks anyway for the great work you already did!

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:kissing_heart: thanks

:kissing_heart: thanks

About the new SD+ and the dials actions, maybe ... but probably with some strong limitations.
KMLink is just a simple KM's macro launcher. It doesn't do anything by itself, KM's macro do the job. It means that it would be impossible to have a feedback on the LCD strip. That's mainly why it's currently not possible to dynamically change the key icon.
It may be possible (not sure for the direction^^) to handle the rotation trigger but i guess it would be very basically just like a key and without feedback. So i guess that the interest would be quite low...
Anyway, i don't have an SD+ . I would not be able to give a try. So sorry but not for the moment.

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