Stream Deck plugin with multiple decks

Hi, I'm playing with the Stream Deck mobile app on both my phone and my iPad. This gives me basically 2 Stream Decks. I've installed the KM plugin and I have successfully defined a button to trigger a KM macro. So far so good. However, KM cannot differentiate between both devices. The screenshots suggest that you can define the BUTTON ID in the Stream Deck desktop software, but when I press that button on the device it is recognized in Keyboard Maestro as the standard RxCx button. This basically reduces both devices to one.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known limitation of the plugin?

Update: after playing more I think a workaround could be to check the button ID. So, when I set a button I change the button ID to make it unique across the devices. Is there a way to get the button ID, e.g. in the %Trigger%Value%.

Is that possible?

Turns out this problem is similar to:


So I downloaded KMLink plugin and used it successfully.

I also experimented with setting a virtual row and column. This at least allows the possibility to distinguish buttons in the same location.