Stream Deck: Set the Image to a File? (Like Found Image Works)

Hey @peternlewis,

In your copious free time, could you consider adding the ability to modify the "Stream Deck Set Image of Button" action to allow us to specify and external image file?

That would help a lot.

Thanks for considering.

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In the mean time you can just use a Read a File action and read the file in to a named clipboard, and then use the named clipboard.

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Sneaky..and very workable. Thanks Peter.

Hey Peter, any progress on this feature, I'm using KBM as a dynamic control panel on the streamdeck with icon updates for each button, it would be great to read a file directly so I can use a for each action.


No, but I don't understand what you mean. The pair of actions:

  • Read File to Named Clipboard "Temp"
  • Set Stream Deck to Image Named Clipboard "Temp"

Should be functional equivalent to a mythical

  • Set Stream Deck to Image from File

You can use the former in a For Each action just as easily as the later.

Done for the next version.