Stream Deck with multiple pages

Is it possible to use a Stream Deck with multiple pages? It seems to report the same button row and column regardless of page, creating a conflict. I just discovered this inadvertently.

Just make up your own button row/column numbers in the Stream Deck software.

@cdthomer put together a great guide for using the native Stream Deck plugin and KMLink with KM.

TL;DR: use KMLink and you won't have to worry about column/row numbers. The only time to use the native plugin is when you want to dynamically set the button icons from KM.

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Thank you!!

Happy I could help!

There is one other time you might want to use the native plugin: If you want it to trigger a macro that responds to trigger releases. The native plugin is a USB device key trigger which can have pressed or released states; KMLink triggers the macro directly. One example might be when trying to use single/double taps or long presses to do different things: