Styling User Input Prompt?

Is there a way to add some pizazz to the User Input prompt?

Even a bold would be more than welcome

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In short: No

I too wish @peternlewis would make the text area of the prompt support rich text.

For now, you will have to use the HTML Prompt.

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Was dreary about recreating it in HTML, but will have to as I use an input constantly. thanks

yeah, Markdown would be a great step up @peternlewis

I expect Peter to say something like "that’s exactly why the HTML prompt is there, so if you want to make a fancy prompt, then use HTML". I would have to agree with him if he did. I would rather see him put his energy into developing something that doesn’t exist yet in KM.

I have to disagree. Using the HTML Prompt is 10X as hard as using the Prompt for User Input. Last year Peter made the Comment Action support Rich Text, so I'd expect that it would not be that hard to do the same for the Prompt for User Input.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that 90%+ of KM users would find building a HTML Prompt to be too hard to try. KM is here to make things easier, not harder. So a little enhancement would go a long way.


No one needs to speak for me, thanks. Yes, styled text in the Prompt for User Input action would be a good thing, and yes, it is much much easier than the Custom HTML Prompt action, and probably one day I will implement it.

Thanks for the feedback.


Would really love to see this! Thanks.

I really love the "search the web" prompt. Can we get something like that for prompt for user input?

Hey Joe,

The short answer is not likely.

The long answer is:

See the Custom HTML Prompt action.

If you're willing to put in the work, you can do nearly anything you want.


I'd settle for a custom icon and the ability to remove the titlebar