Suggested New action “Display Message Repeated” based on display “message large”

New action “Display Message Repeated” based on display “message large.

A: The current message would display the initial time called in a small font above the message

B: The current message would display three times with a gap between each display of the message

The text of the message stays the same in all three steps/displays

So each message would have the following parameters repeated three times

colour of text e.g. choice of red | yellow | orange | green | blue

size/height of text e.g. Large | Medium | Small | Tiny

duration of text display    e.g. 0 to 3600 seconds

gap/pause before next message display e.g.  0 to 3600 seconds

Optional settings: Would be nice if but not necessary

Screen for message display e.g. Front | Main | Left | Right 

Message Location.     TL | TR BL | BR 

i.e. Top Left or Right, Bottom Left or Right

“Stage 3 finished” , Main screen, Large font in Red, for two seconds

then gap 5 seconds

“Stage 3 finished” , Left screen, Medium font in Yellow, for 60 seconds

then gap 15 seconds

“Stage 3 finished” , Right screen, Small font in Yellow, for 3600 seconds

Need a button to close message down for last display
Need to consider a later message overlapping a previous one
Need to consider possible fixed/variable font support e.g. Courier v Arial ( earlier FR by someone else)


Someone here could create a macro that would do most of these things. The macro would probably use the Custom HTML action. (You'd be surprised how powerful that action is.) I'm not very good with that action so I am unable to write it for you.

The main point of contention that I can see is that you seem to want the functionality of "Display Text Large" which has the feature of displaying the text in as large a font as possible, but then you also want to be able to control the size of the font. These two requirements are contradictory, so I would assume that you would settle for full control over the size of the font and not have the macro print the text "as large as possible."

Some of your requirements could also be met with a macro that simply uses the Display Text as Large action.

Have updated original post with distinction of font size i.e. Large..Tiny
and Fixed/Variable e.g. Courier v Arial

I am aware I could do most of it myself, but my Feature Request I believe would be nice added functionality to display message,
and I am guessing not too hard to implement as Peter would have all the building blocks of code to do it.

Sure. Be aware, he is the only arbiter of what goes in, and he has a list of hundreds of ideas.

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